The Magnolia 

( Morpheus8 Scottsdale )
Treat your skin to achieve a smooth, youthful appearance. 

Morpheus8 is an advanced, highly effective treatment that combines radiofrequency technology with microneedling techniques. The result? Actual remodeling of the deepest layers of skin to attain thickening and tightening (and a youthful complexion). Compared to standard microneedling, Morpheus8 reaches a deeper level of tissue and actually stimulates remodeling of your skin’s foundational structure. 

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  • Khloe Kardashian
    Khloe Kardashian
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Who Is a Good Candidate for The Magnolia Treatment? 

Who Is a Good Candidate for The Magnolia Treatment? 

The Magnolia is perfect for women who need a solution for: 
Excess chin, facial and neck fat
Mild sagging or jowling in the neck or face
Uneven skin texture
Deep lines, wrinkles, and creases
Acne scarring
Sun spots and damage
Stretch marks
Enlarged pores
Loose skin
Smooths Cellulite

Our Patients Are the Best  

  • Diane Galati
    Very professional and knowledgeable! Extremely comfortable and inviting place, McKenzie is great and passionate at what she does.. highly recommend. Will continue to improve my health with her!
    Testimonial Star
  • Tirsa Quertullo
    Saw McKenzie for my first Morpheus treatment. She was professional and thorough. She used a topical anesthetic to help reduce any discomfort. The treatment itself was quick and very tolerable. The best part of this treatment is that I was slightly pink for the first 24 hours, but truly no downtime. I went to work the next day with no issues at all.
    Testimonial Star
  • Dominic Scappaticci
    McKenzie is just tremendous at helping with your overall wellness! I would highly recommend her!!
    Testimonial Star
  • Carolyn Berry
    This is such a beautiful space that is sterile, quiet, and peaceful. Those 3 things are hard to find in a wellness/dr clinic. I went there for ozone IV and was impressed right away by the professionalism, knowledge, and care I reviewed. I mentioned I had some cramps and was able to lay of the emf mat which was warm and comfortable and took my pain away! I’m blessed to have found this clinic.
    Testimonial Star
  • Kim Planchard
    Extremely professional! Always answers my questions and manages my expectations! Provides tips and suggestions and works within my budget so that I am always happy with my results. Just wish I had started with McKenzie years ago.
    Testimonial Star
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The Magnolia

What to Expect for The Magnolia 

Morpheus8 in Scottsdale
To minimize pain, numbing cream is used on the surface of your skin. The tool will be applied to the target areas in small sections, introducing radiofrequency energy deep into the skin. The heating and remodeling of the deep fat layers of the skin results in collagen production and remodeling. The treatment is ideal for any body type and skin tone, making it highly flexible. 
Once your treatment is finished, you’ll receive instructions from the nurse practitioner about post-care and recovery (which is very minimal!). 
Note: For anxious patients sensitive to pain, nitrous oxide is available 

Commonly Asked Questions 

Is Morpheus8 painful?
We do everything possible to make your treatments comfortable at ReNu Wellness. In certain areas, microneedling with radiofrequency may be slightly uncomfortable, but we use numbing cream to minimize discomfort. We may also utilize Pronox to help with pain and ease any pretreatment jitters.
Will my face hurt or be red afterwards? 
Your skin may be red for a day or two after treatment, with potential for mild swelling. Overall, side effects are very mild and should resolve quickly.
Is this a laser treatment?
No! The Magnolia (Morpheus8) is strictly a deep microneedling treatment combined with radiofrequency. No lasers are used.
Is there any downtime with this treatment? 
While it’s recommended to not wear makeup until the day after treatment, you can resume your activities normally as you feel up to it. No downtime is required.
Will I need follow-up treatments?
Many patients see improvement after just one treatment. To see maximum benefits, 2-4 treatments total are recommended, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. We’ll recommend treatment based on your skin condition and overall goals.
Do you offer financing for Morpheus8? 

ReNu wellness is a partner with Cherry – apply and get approved in as little as 60 seconds for flexible treatment payment plans. Apply here.

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