Laser Hair Removal

DiolazeXL is the latest technology for laser hair removal in Scottsdale.
Get rid of stubborn, unwanted hair permanently.

Shaving and waxing comes with endless annoyances–the nicks, cuts, bumps, and regrowth make hair removal feel like a losing battle. And some areas of the body are just plain frustrating (we don’t need to name names!). But laser hair removal with our state-of-the-art technology targets the hair follicle and disables it for good, so hair can no longer grow back. No more spending money on temporary fixes.

Smooth, Hair-Free Skin in Just a Few Sessions

Imagine not having to worry about hair removal ever again. At ReNu Wellness, we use the latest hair removal technology called DiolazeXL to achieve incredible (and permanent) results. Using powerful diode laser technology, each quick and comfortable session targets hair follicles and prevents regrowth. After just 4-6 treatments spaced a month apart, you'll be free from the hassle of shaving forever!

All Skin Tones, All Hair Types – Gone for Good

All Skin Types

DiolazeXL laser hair removal is safe and effective on all skin tones from fair to dark.

Fast Treatment Sessions

Treatments only take between 20 to 30 minutes instead of 40 minutes like other lasers.

Permanent Results

By disabling hair follicles, our laser prevents regrowth for long-lasting smooth skin.

No Pain or Burns

The cooling tip and adjustable settings make treatments comfortable with no risk of burns.

Works on Stubborn Hair

The concentrated diode laser energy can remove even coarse or resistant hair effectively.

Our Patients Are the Best

  • Diane Galati
    Very professional and knowledgeable! Extremely comfortable and inviting place, McKenzie is great and passionate at what she does.. highly recommend. Will continue to improve my health with her!
    Testimonial Star
  • Tirsa Quertullo
    Saw McKenzie for my first Morpheus treatment. She was professional and thorough. She used a topical anesthetic to help reduce any discomfort. The treatment itself was quick and very tolerable. The best part of this treatment is that I was slightly pink for the first 24 hours, but truly no downtime. I went to work the next day with no issues at all.
    Testimonial Star
  • Dominic Scappaticci
    McKenzie is just tremendous at helping with your overall wellness! I would highly recommend her!!
    Testimonial Star
  • Carolyn Berry
    This is such a beautiful space that is sterile, quiet, and peaceful. Those 3 things are hard to find in a wellness/dr clinic. I went there for ozone IV and was impressed right away by the professionalism, knowledge, and care I reviewed. I mentioned I had some cramps and was able to lay of the emf mat which was warm and comfortable and took my pain away! I’m blessed to have found this clinic.
    Testimonial Star
  • Kim Planchard
    Extremely professional! Always answers my questions and manages my expectations! Provides tips and suggestions and works within my budget so that I am always happy with my results. Just wish I had started with McKenzie years ago.
    Testimonial Star
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What to Expect for The ReNual

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Procedure

A few easy steps to get ready for treatment
Pre-treatment preparation helps ensure your laser hair removal goes smoothly. Stop waxing or plucking hair in treatment areas 4 weeks before. Avoid sun exposure which can increase sensitivity. Discontinue use of products containing retinol, alpha hydroxy acid, or vitamin C. Arrive with clean, dry skin and no lotion, cream, perfume, makeup or deodorant on areas to be treated. Following our simple prep guide will set you up for the best experience.

Commonly Asked Questions

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?
Laser hair removal uses concentrated light energy to target and damage the hair follicle. This disables it from regenerating and growing new hair. DiolazeXL uses an advanced 810 nm diode laser that is effective and safe.
Does laser hair removal hurt?
Because of the unique cooling technology built into the laser tool, most patients report DiolazeXL hair removal to be virtually painless. The large sapphire cooling tip protects the skin and maximizes comfort during and after the procedure.
How many laser hair removal treatments do you need for lasting results?
For most people, we recommend 4-6 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimal long-term hair removal. This allows time to target hairs in different growth cycles.
Can any body hair be treated?
DiolazeXL can safely treat hair on most areas of the body. The most common treatment sites include legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, back, chest, neck, and face.
How much does laser hair removal cost?
Pricing depends on the size of the treatment area. Contact us for pricing.

Smooth Skin Is Only a Few Treatments Away

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